Angler Ethics

When venturing into Alaska’s sportfishing waters, every angler must take precautions that the habitats are left in pristine condition to ensure their future as abundant fishing grounds.  Some points to consider while fishing Alaska are listed below.

  • Don't pollute - please haul trash and cigarette butts out of the field and dispose of them properly. Remember that discarded fishing line can be lethal to birds and other wildlife.

  • Respect private property. Native allotments and other private land holdings are along Alaska's waterways - seek permission before using private land.
  • Think about your needs and take only the fish you require. Preserve your fish appropriately.
  • If you plan to kill fish, do so quickly and humanely. If you plan to release fish, handle them gently and do not remove them from the water.
  • Soil erosion can smother fish eggs in stream. Please minimize stream bank erosion and avoid trampling grasses along banks by fishing from walkways, gravel bars, and in stream.