Fish of Kenai Peninsula

Silver Salmon fishing in alaska - alaska fish descriptions

In 1985 the world record 97-pound king salmon was pulled from the 82-mile Kenai River, and determined anglers are convinced that an even larger salmon is out there ready to be caught. In addition to king salmon, numerous Kenai Peninsula rivers support yearly runs of silver and sockeye, as well as a run of pink salmon in even years. Other species such as Dolly Varden, steelhead, and rainbow trout draw anglers to the Peninsula's abundant waterways. In the deep-sea waters of Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay, and Resurrection Bay, enthusiastic fishermen chase the bottom dwelling halibut, hoping to beat the 466-pound sport-caught state record pulled from the waters of Kachemak Bay. Whether on your own or with a guide your fishing adventure on the Kenai Peninsula is sure to be a memorable experience.