Clamming in Homer, Alaska, fishing vacationClam digging is a dirty, fun, wet, and popular activity in Alaska. The best place to go clam digging is just a short 30 mile drive from Kenai to Clam Gulch, located at Mile Post 117.5 of the Sterling Highway. Children and adults alike try their hand at digging razor clams. The bag limit, although you should always check the Department of Fish Game, is currently 60 per person per day regardless of size or condition. Be careful when digging for clams; their shells are sharp and can cut you easily. There are two methods of clam digging. One method uses a clam shovel; you can pick one of these up at almost any local store. The other method uses a pipe or tube. The best time to harvest clams is at tides of minus 2.0 feet or lower. To get a tide book and further information on how to dig, clean, and prepare clams stop by the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center.


Digging Razor Clams

Insert shovel 3 to 6 inches from the "show," depending on the length of the blade and the amount of curve in the blade. Longer, more curved blades are started farther from the show.

Remove sand with a lifting motion. Try twisting the shovel at the same time. Note that the blade remains nearly vertical.

The next shovelfuls expose the clam enough to reach down and remove it by grasping the neck or shell. Note that the shovel and hole are to the side of the clam, not on top of the clam.

DON'T pry back on the handle. This cuts off the neck or smashes the clam. Also, don't try to dig too fast. Broken clams still count toward your bag limit, and may even cut your hand.